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  • Elemental Deities

    [[God of the Seas]] [[Goddess of Fire]] [[Goddess of Autumn and Air]] [[God of Wildlife and Earth]] [[The God of Time]] [[The God of Death]] [[Gods and Goddesses | Gods and Goddesses]]

  • God of the Seas

    Yathe, the bipolar god of the seas takes the form of an adult man. He is tall and has a masculine build. His deep-set eyes are amethyst. He has china-white skin. His outfit is that of a shaman. He carries a warhammer. He can walk upon water as if it was …

  • Goddess of Autumn and Air

    Iliria, the goddess of Autumn and Air takes the form of an female elemental. She is tall and has a foggy like body.. She has straight, white hair worn in a style that resembles a pair of wings. Her droopy eyes are azure. She has light-colored skin. She …

  • The God of Time

    The God of Time's name has been long forgotten. But he takes the form of a mature, young man. He is very tall and has a feminine build. He has red hair worn in a style that resembles a horse's mane. His stilted eyes are violet. He has medium skin. His …

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